We recognise that you may need, or want, a little more support and guidance as you go through your journey and so we have designed our Deluxe Package to offer exactly that.

Our Deluxe package is perfect for you if you need a little extra attention. For example if you are recovering from an injury or have anything which may need special attention such as a painful back or PCOS or maybe you want to improve your tennis or golf as well as taking back your life.

You will still be training as part of a group and get everything that you would on our standard package BUT we upgrade some key aspects for you.

Every month we will have a 1 hour one to one strategy session where we assess your progress so far, map out your workout and nutrition for the next month and run through any other items which need attention such as postural work or specific flexibility work.

Taking on board your specific goals, strengths and weaknesses we take extra care of your nutrition, working with you to create a series of personalised plans to get you even better results, even quicker!

Each week we will review your food log and provide feedback as appropriate advising you on tweaks we can make to your nutrition to turbocharge your results.

We also create a comprehensive personalised exercise programme for you to follow inside and outside of our training sessions. Whilst our standard small group personal training workouts are awesome and get you great results, on our Deluxe package we can tailor all aspects of your exercise programme.

Finally, we are here for you 24/7 so if you have any questions (from the best type of coconut oil to buy to whether you should have the steak and salad for dinner or the fish pie) we are here to answer them for you.

Our Deluxe package starts from just £147/month.

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Brought to you by the team voted the best slimming, wellbeing and lifestyle service in the East Midlands our complimentary 14 Day Fat Loss Plan will help you lose weight over the next 14 days without faddy diets or excessive exercise.
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