Our Goal

Boost Your Body is the home of weight loss, health and fitness for women and men over 40 who want to get back in shape and turn back the clock.

We aim to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for men and women to make significant changes to their life by learning a proper approach to exercise and nutrition.

Life doesn’t end at 40. Far from it.

But we can’t deny that some things change.

It gets harder to lose weight and keep it off. The pills and potions that used to work aren’t as effective anymore.

Energy levels start to drop and simple things seem like more an effort.

Aches and pains start to creep up on you.

Not to mention the night sweats, hot flushes and brain fog thanks to the big M.

We will help you tackle the big issues of this phase of your life. From insidious weight gain to the menopause to thyroid health to dealing with those aches and pains we will help you by providing clear, simple guidance that fits into real lives and is effective.

We use real food and time efficient exercise programmes coupled with strategic supplementation to get you the results you desire.

Our Studio

Our studio isn’t big enough for a swimming pool and there is no juice bar to hang around in afterwards but it does have all the equipment we need to provide you with a fun and effective workout.

We set out to create a Personal Training Studio that provided a warm, welcoming environment that reflected the ‘family feel’ of being a Boost Your Body Client.

You won’t find row upon row of cardio machines and you won’t find any useless vibrating machines. Instead we have the most cutting edge equipment across our two training zones to get you looking and feeling fantastic.

Toning & Conditioning Zone

Our toning and conditioning zone contains all the equipment you need to tone up, lose body fat and improve your strength. Here we use a mixture of bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbells and swiss balls to shape your body the way you want it.

No matter what equipment we use our focus is always on YOU and making sure you are getting the best quality workout to move you towards your goals.

Functional Training Zone

Our functional training zone contains the equipment you need to develop a body which will stand up to the rigours of every day life. Here we use equipment such as tyres, hammers, ropes and suspension trainers so that keeping up with your kids will become a doddle!

If our studio sounds like the sort of environment that you would actually enjoy exercising in then we would love for you to come down for a free workout to experience first hand what we do.

Meet The Team

Alex: Owner And Head Coach

Over the years I have worked with a wide range of people. Men and women of all age groups and personalities. But the demographic I have got on best with has been men and women in their 40’s and 50’s. I find they are more world wise, receptive to new ideas and have lost the ego and aren’t afraid to have a laugh and a joke as well as working hard. In short they bring the best out of me which allows me to provide them with the best possible service to get them great results.

Not so long ago  I was overweight and really unhealthy when I tried to get in shape for my wedding day I failed miserably and was a chubby hubby.

Not my proudest moment.

I lost my dad when I was 4 so I never got to know him and now I am a dad of 2 that really hits home. I don’t want my babies to grow up without their dad.

My family history plays a huge part in my health and fitness beliefs. And is why I place just as much emphasis on wellbeing and losing weight.

Joss Pearson

My interest in nutrition and fitness started several years ago due to my own health.

Over past years, my mind has been boggled with the huge amounts of information out there about exercising and what I should or should not be eating and at what time! Qualifying as a Personal Trainer was the first step in endeavouring to find answers. I now help ordinary people, just like me, achieve a healthy lifestyle as the benefits are enormous.

Additionally, I have real experience of achieving this whilst coping with an office job, children and elderly parents – it is possible!