A No Nonsense Guide To: Women’s Fat Loss


You used to be the fit friend and now you’re the fat friend?


When I read the Boost Your Body website I decided to buy The No Nonsense Guide To: Women’s Fat Loss as I had a Ball looming and wanted to look my best.  I had already lost some weight over the past months but wasn’t doing any sort of exercise.

The exercise plan was straightforward, not needing any special equipment and not too daunting. Alex’s nutrition plans made me rethink my eating and I am now eating well, not feeling bloated and certainly not hungry!

And the best news is that the dress for the ball is a size 16 and not a size 22! – Annette


Listen, I know how hard it can be to start and stick to a new healthy lifestyle.  We’ve all been there.

If you have tried and failed before then don’t feel like a failure, you were just badly advised – But don’t give up your ambitions for a new healthy lifestyle.

You see, The No Nonsense Guide To: Women’s Fat Loss has been specifically designed for people ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD who want to start leading a healthier lifestyle.

Maybe you have just reached that point, or had one of those ‘aha’ moments and decided enough is enough.

That now is the time to do something about the ever-expanding tummy –  you don’t want to carry on living with little to no energy or risk damaging your health and not being able to enjoy life with family and friends.

If you are serious about making a change for the better then this eBook is perfect for you.

I know you can make a difference to your health and fitness if you follow the advice you get as part of The No Nonsense Guide To Women’s Fat Loss.

In fact I am so confident that if you follow this eBook, do everything I ask of you and you don’t feel better than before you started I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

After just a few weeks following the advice in The No Nonsense Guide To: Women’s Fat Loss you will be:

  • Be eating well
  • Have more stable energy levels and more energy
  • Be sleeping better
  • Have lost weight and noticed your clothes getting looser
  • Be fitter and stronger
  • Have much more confidence & regained some of your pazazz!


Bonus 1: 3 proven fat burning workouts

As our way of saying thank you for taking the leap of faith and investing in your long term health we have included 3 proven fat burning workouts. These are based on our unique workout system that I use with our small group personal training Clients and are guaranteed to boost your fat loss efforts.

Bonus 2: Eating For Weight Loss eBook

Our second bonus is our Eating For Weight Loss eBook which contains 35 fantastic tasting recipes to help you on your way to looking and feeling great. Normally retailing at £9.99 this eBook is yours absolutely free when you buy A No Nonsense Guide To Women’s Fat Loss.


Women’s Fat Loss eBook


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