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Empowering women over 40 to become stronger, fitter and more energetic than they were in their 20’s

We believe 40 is the new 20.

Yes, things change when you hit your 40’s but it just means you need to do things a little differently.

 But the reality is:

Most programmes don’t cater for your specific requirements because they consider you ‘too old’.

However, we do. We understand you and the specific requirements which are unique to you as you move into your 40’s and beyond.

If you’re:

  • Looking to lose at least one dress size or;
  • Lacking in energy and often tired or;
  • Feeling hormonal or;
  • Starting to go through the menopause or;
  • Fed up of not getting the results you deserve for the effort you put in or;
  • Finding the gym an intimidating environment (or just not going!) or;
  • Not sure what you should be doing or eating to get the results you want

And are:

  • Serious about getting results and maintaining them and;
  • Committed to investing in your health over the long-term

Then you’re a good fit for us.

We’ve found that most people over estimate how complicated nutrition is and under estimate how complicated exercise is.

That’s where we help.

We give you proven nutritional strategies that are simple and wildly effective, coupled with short and effective training to melt boat loads of unwanted fat and tone up.

Once you start exercising properly and implementing these simple dietary changes you’ll begin to feel more energised, you’ll feel happier and you’ll achieve more.

You’ll feel less stressed, less anxious and actually more positive and driven.

We want to have the opportunity to work with you long term, and help you create long term transformation.

For us it’s not just about seeing you lose a few lbs, it’s about helping you see yourself as the transformation you want to become and then deciding NEVER to go back to how you used to be.

Our clients are prepared to invest in the realisation of their dream results and it’s our ultimate mission to be the last solution you ever try in order to get in shape.

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Discover How Boost Your Body Can Help You!

Discover how Boost Your Body can help you get the results you deserve, end the misery of dieting and yo yo weight gain, and empower you become fitter, stronger and more energetic than you were in your 20's.
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