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Personal Training in West Bridgford

We specialise in helping women lose weight, tone up, get more energy improve their self confidence and turn back the clock.

Welcome to Boost Your Body personal training in West Bridgford, voted the best Slimming, Wellbeing and Lifestyle service in the East Midlands by the What’s On 4 Me Awards.

I have some great news – you don’t have to feel sluggish anymore, you don’t have to feel bloated and unattractive. Gone are the days where you struggle to keep up with your kids or grand kids! Boost Your Body, personal training in West Bridgford is here!

I suspect you have tried lots of different diets before and maybe even lost a load of weight.

Only for it to come back sooner or later. Probably with interest.

Well we prefer a different approach where we don’t rely on fad diets, quick fix diet pills or meal replacement shakes. The reality is you can get away with that sort of stuff when you are younger and your body can take more abuse but, particularly as you get older, the damage to your health these quick fix approaches lead to is far from ideal.

They do more harm than good and actually make it harder to stay looking and feeling fab in the long term.

We get our results by using real food and time efficient exercise programmes and teach you all about appropriate exercise,  proper nutrition and the importance of rest days and sleep.*

*Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and the amount of training they apply.

I’m guessing you have probably got most of your nutrition and, particularly, exercise advice from friends and family, newspapers or magazines and maybe TV shows with famous doctors out to make a name for themselves.

Isn’t it time you turned to a qualified professional who can help you?

Someone who isn’t working on commission to sell you meal replacement shakes?

Someone who isn’t selling you a product that they actually have no real in depth knowledge of the damaging effect it has on your body long term?

Someone who actually cares about you and getting you results?

All of our personal training in West Bridgford takes place in the comfort of our private studio on Bridge Grove in West Bridgford so no beefy guys grunting and dropping weights here thank you very much!

Although you may have to put up with my dad dancing sometimes, sorry…




Free 14 Day Fat Loss Plan

Brought to you by the team voted the best slimming, wellbeing and lifestyle service in the East Midlands our complimentary 14 Day Fat Loss Plan will help you lose weight over the next 14 days without faddy diets or excessive exercise.
  • *Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and the amount of training they apply.
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