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Energise Nutrition Plan

We'll provide you with 6 weeks of nutrition coaching via our Energise Nutrition Plan which has helped hundred of women shed excess lbs and boost their energy levels. You'll get into great shape without the need to be hungry or, more importantly, cut out all your favourite foods.

All our recipes are based around delicous, easy to prepare meals that the whole family will love.

And yes, you can still drink alcohol and eat chocolate… :)

6 Weeks Of Fat Burning Workouts

2 or 3 training sessions (max 6 people per group) a week with one of our personal trainers at our studio in West Bridgford. Using our signature Sculpt & Tone Exercise Solution you'll lose bodyfat fat, tone up and be full of confidence in the way you look without being beasted bootcamp style. 

Don't worry if it's been a while since you last exercised!

We custom tailor our workouts to meet your starting point, no matter where that is. 

Support And Empathy

When you join our 6 Week Transformation Programme you'll find our team of coaches on hand to answer any questions you have throughout your journey.

This will ensure you stay on track and feel motivated over the 6 weeks.   

We're all human and we've been in your shoes (we like food too!) so we won't shout at you if you have a wobble and need a little extra encouragement.

Why Would We Give So Much Away At Such A Low Price?


That's a fair question, and we'll be 100% transparent with you on our answer... 

We're so confident that you'll love the results you achieve and the experience you have that you'll want to stay on with us as a regular member of the Boost Your Body family. 

Fair enough?

Great! Let's get started then. Click the button below to activate your 6 Week Transformation Programme. We'll then be in touch with you to get started…

Start Your 6 Week Transformation Today

As If The Above Wasn't Enough, When You Start Your 6 Week Transformation You'll Also Get Access To:

What Others Have Said About Our 6 Week Transformation Programme

Rest assured that the programme I have just completed was awesome and worked well. I would highly recommend it as a kick start to anyone looking to shift a few pounds or more!

Jackie U.

6 Week Superstar

I've never enjoyed exercise but you make it fun. The food is fantastic too and I don't feel like I'm on a diet. I've got my mojo back and can't thank you enough! 

Marie N.

6 Week Superstar

Booking System - Flexibility!

Going away for a week? Got Half term coming up?

No problem, just log on to our booking system and book yourself into a different session so you don't miss out.

Condition Specific Support!

We provide specific support for a number of life events such as the menopause or if you are experiencing a specific condition such as hypothyroidism or having a little trouble with your pelvic floor. 

Support Group - Faster Results!

We'll grant you access to our exclusive members only inner circle where you can find support, encouragement and giggles with other members of the Boost Your Body family. 

So, Is Our 6 Week Transformation Programme Right For You?

Our 6 Week Transformation Programme has been specifically designed for you if any of these are applicable to you:

> You're female

> You're looking to lose at least one dress size

> You're lacking in energy

> You're peri or post menopausal

> You're experiencing problems with your pelvic floor, diastasis recti or getting a good nights sleep

> You're committed to investing in your health over the long-term

> You're fed up of not getting the results you deserve for the effort you put in

> You're serious about getting results and maintaining them

> You're finding the gym an intimidating environment (or just not going!)

> You're not sure what you should be doing or eating to get the results you want

> You're able to spare 2 to 3 hours a week to exercise


Let me be clear, this is not a fad. That's why we're backing it up with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

When you follow the plan you'll lose those unwanted inches quickly without being hungry or wasting hours and hours slogging away in the gym. 

And if you follow our plan but don't get results we'll refund all of your money, no questions asked. 


And just in case you don't have any weight to lose...no problem. You'll be thrilled with the tightening and toning effects of our training program. Plus you'll increase your strength, energy levels and vitality. You'll look AND feel better than ever. 


Space is limited. We're only taking 8 ladies onto this programme at this time.

To get results like you'd get with this programme, you would normally need One to One Personal Training which would cost you well in excess of £600.

And that wouldn't even include our tried and tested Energise Nutrition Plan or our signature Sculpt & Tone Exercise Solution. 

However, because we work in small groups you have the opportunity to join our 6 Week Transformation Programme Today For  Just £147.

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