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    Monday Munch: How to guarantee you hit your goal

    Today I’m going to give you a 100% guaranteed way to hit your goal or, at a worst case, identify precisely what you need to improve to hit your goal. It’s a no fail way to get where you want to be. First up, you need to set your ultimate goal. This is deeply personal

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  • Personal Trainer West Bridgford

    Monday Munch: The BYB Nutrition Pyramid

    Starting to eat well can be overwhelming. How much should you eat? How many carbs? How about fat? The list of questions can be endless and there is so much conflicting information out there. If you’re feeling overwhelmed our Nutrition Pyramid will help. It breaks down optimal nutrition into a series...

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  • Personal Trainer West Bridgford

    Basic meditation

    As ever as we move through life, focus changes. What we thought were important to us can turn out to be not as important as we thought later down the line. Beliefs we’ve held can, if we are open minded, change. This has happened to me. For example, I used to think people needed the

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  • Personal Trainer West Bridgford

    2018 Resolutions

    In January this year I shared my 2017 resolutions. They were: Uncouple my happiness from other peoples acceptance Be present more and disconnect from my phone Use my pockets of time more efficiently Generally things went well. I care less about what people think of me and I’m much more efficient...

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    Monday Munch: Do I need to go to the gym?

    There seems to be a new gym opening every 2 minutes nowadays. Everywhere you look there are gyms for £12/month or sometimes even less. Some go up to as much as £100/month or even £150/month. There is a common trend amongst all of them though. And it is this: The average gym member goes to

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    2017 Resolutions

    So like a lot of people I’ve made a few resolutions for 2017. Unlike a lot of people none of mine revolve around health or fitness. I’m not saying it’s a good or a bad thing, everyones resolutions are personal to them. Or should be anyway. Here I share my 3 resolutions for 2017. 1....

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    Why You Might Not Lose Weight Straight Away

    I often see people jump into a new fitness regime and get dispirited if they don’t immediately start dropping lbs hand over fist. The reality is, the scales are one of many ways to measure your progress and initially they probably aren’t a good choice. You will lose weight sooner or later...

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  • juliet

    Personal Training Or Gym: Which Is Right For You?

    There are lots of ways out there to get in shape and stay in shape. Two of the most popular ways are Gyms and Personal Training. The sad fact is that many people choose the wrong option to help them get in, and stay in, shape so here I’m going to help you identify which

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    Why you never need to jog again!

    So, you think you need to go jogging to do cardio? It’s a really common viewpoint and a concern some people have when they start working with us. After all, the majority of the work we do is based around weights (dumbells, barbells, bodyweight) so it’s obvious how exercising with that equipment...

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    How to drink alcohol and still lose weight

    Booze. A lot of fitness professionals would tell you not to drink it at all if you want to lose body fat. That’s not my style I’m afraid… But there’s no getting away from the fact that the more you drink the slower you will lose fat and, even if your nutrition is spot on,

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