So, you think you need to go jogging to do cardio?

It's a really common viewpoint and a concern some people have when they start working with us.

After all, the majority of the work we do is based around weights (dumbells, barbells, bodyweight) so it's obvious how exercising with that equipment helps you get stronger and leaner as you see a heavier weight being used and clothes fitting looser.

But we know we also need to work our heart and lungs to keep them healthy.

The really cool thing, and what makes the way we exercise our Clients so efficient so they don't have to spend hours and hours exercising every week, is that by training the Boost Your Body way they are working their heart and lungs too!

During a recent workout 2 of our Clients recorded their heart rates.

Here they are:




The top one belongs to Hev and the bottom one belongs to Chrissie, both have been with us for over 6 months by now.

Over 45 minutes Hev had an average heart rate of 118 beats per minute with a maximum of 142 beats per minute.

Chrissie is similar and her heart rate was between around 90 beats per minute and 150 beats per minute for the majority of the workout.

As a guideline a heart rate during moderately intense activities is about 50-69% of your maximum heart rate, whereas heart rate during hard physical activity is about 70% to less than 90% of the maximum heart rate.

Thus, taking a 55 year old lady, a heart rate of 83 to 114 beats per minute is classified as moderately intense activity and 115 to 148 beats per minute is classified as hard physical activity.

So Hev was, on average, working at the bottom end of the hard physical activity scale with peaks and troughs across the 45 minutes.

Chrissie was also working within both zones across the workout,


So as you can see, both ladies were giving their heart a very effective workout without so much as jogging on the spot.

When it comes to cardio you need to think outside the box. Jogging as a primary way of working your heart and lungs is outdated and inefficient. Resistance training is much more efficient. Embrace the future!

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