There seems to be a new gym opening every 2 minutes nowadays. Everywhere you look there are gyms for £12/month or sometimes even less. Some go up to as much as £100/month or even £150/month.

There is a common trend amongst all of them though. And it is this:

The average gym member goes to their gym less than once a week.

It is actually 0.8 times a week.

So there are gyms everywhere and they are affordable for the vast majority of society. And yet as a nation we are crammed with overweight and obese people.

So what is going wrong?

Why aren’t people going to the gym?

Well for a start we are busier than ever so finding time to go to the gym is difficult. Not impossible as you will have seen from all the images of toned men and women floating around on Facebook asking, rather arrogantly, ‘what’s your excuse?’. But the reality is a lot of women work extremely hard and then come home and have to do all the housework and cook tea, look after the kids etc etc. Finding time to go to the gym is a luxury.

Secondly gyms are just plain unattractive for a lot of women.

The £12/month gyms are fine for a confident woman who feels at home amongst the dumbbells but sadly that is a very small proportion of the country. I used to train at a £12/month gym and there was probably 1 lady to 10 guys at any one time in the free weights section.  It’s just an intimidating place to be when it’s filled with guys grunting and screaming and throwing weights around in a ‘look at me’ way.

Then we get to the changing facilities.

The showers at the £12/month gym stank and the changing rooms were crowded. There was no privacy.

Things aren’t much better at more upmarket gyms but at least the showers are a bit nicer and the changing rooms aren’t just a mosh pit of naked sweating bodies.

But lets be honest they aren’t your own shower with your own softened towel, your own nice toiletries and much more privacy in your own home.

So, in my opinion, gyms are on their way out as an effective place to exercise for women.

They are inconvenient, don’t fit in with your lifestyle, are intimidating if you want to use the effective equipment and the less said about the showers and changing rooms the better.

They have zero accountability and, unless you really know what you're doing, will be ineffective anyway.

It's coming up to the time of year when hundreds of thousands will choose to join a gym as part of the new years resolution faff and hundreds of thousands will waste their money.

To help you choose whats right for you have a read of this quick guide: Click Here