Do you get enough sleep?

If you don't then I strongly recommend you look at improving this area of your life.

How do you know if you get enough sleep?

A good way to know is that you should be able to wake up without needing an alarm. Also when you wake up you should feel fresh and alert very quickly and not be sluggish needing a few coffees to get you going.

How do you improve your sleep quality/time?

Step A: Make your bedroom like the bat cave. Get rid of any light from it, natural and artificial. This includes things like LED displays on docking stations etc.

Step B: Have a pre sleep ritual which doesn't involve electronic devices. Reading a (paper) book for 30 minutes in bed before you go to sleep is good as is spending 5 minutes or so meditating. You need to unwind and anything involving electronics doesn't let you body do that.

If Step A and Step B haven't made a noticeable difference after a couple of weeks then I would suggest your magnesium levels are low and you should look at supplementing with a topical magnesium spray before bed.

Try Step A and Step B first though.