As a personal trainer in Nottingham I often get asked how strict I have to be to lose weight and tone up.

Well let me ask you, how was your valentines day?



Hubby buy you lots of expensive things?

Or did he forget like usual?

I got Natalie a little Ted Baker shower set which she seemed to like.

And then we had Dominos for tea.

A meatilicous and a kickers combo.

Boy was it expensive. Even with a 'deal' it came to about £30.

We splashed out and had bottle of white with it.

Who said romance was dead?

I can almost hear some weight loss coaches shudder in disbelief from here.

In fact it reminds me of a story one of the ladies who I work one to one with told me.

Apparently her previous coach was a bit of a food nazi.

So even on a good week when she did her food diary and ate really well her previous coach would be circling the odd glass of wine she had with a big red marker.

Lecturing her on why she should cut all alcohol out.

It got her quite depressed and she felt like a total failure.

Now to me, if you have had a good week with your food then the odd glass of wine isn't a deal breaker.

In fact I would probably encourage it unless you were planning on modelling on stage.

Maybe that makes me a bad coach?

Or maybe it's because I have been overweight so know what it's like. You can see a picture of me at my 'finest' right here:

But I would be a hypocrite if I started criticising my Clients for having the odd little luxury, because I do it myself. Just because I am a personal trainer it doesn't mean I am a machine. I like sweet stuff too!

If I eat really well for a week, eating whole non process foods, keeping my carbohydrate intake down, getting plenty of protein and doing my exercise then I'm not going to beat myself up about enjoying a few glasses of wine or a bit of chocolate. And it isn't going to stall my weight loss.

Life is too short and you just don't need that stress on top of work, life, the kids etc.

Not to say that I give my Clients carte blanche to do whatever they want. After all we pride ourselves on getting results and eating like a glutton won't do that.

But there is no need for overkill.

Just a bit of moderation.

So next time you feel like a little treat and you have been good with your food then by all means go for it and enjoy it guilt free.

And if anyone pulls you up on it then point them in my direction!