How do I get rid of my bingo wings?

What about my thighs, how can I make them smaller?

I need to lose some fat around my tummy!

Things I often hear...

A lot of people would like to reduce their body fat on specific parts of their body.

Unfortunately we, as humans, aren't designed like that.

So the extra fat on your arms?

You need to lose body fat from everywhere and then it will start going from your arms.


The same.


The same as well I'm afraid.

Some people just store their fat in different places, that's all there is to it.

I store mine on my face and around my middle generally. When I've put a bit of timber on it's my face you will see it earliest.

So to reduce the size of your arms, tummy, legs or wherever you just need a consistent approach to fat loss through nutrition and sensible exercise.

Then give it time. Have a bit of patience.

Rome wasn't built in a day and all that.

But what you can do whilst you are waiting is work on the muscles underneath the fat so that when you have shifted the excess fat that body part will be nice and toned.

Almost like the grand unveiling of a new sports car.

Or Christian Dior dress if you prefer.

Summer is a great target for that.

If you start to put the effort in now then by the time it's warm enough to don the swimwear you will be able to proudly show off your brand new body including trimmed down thighs, a tighter tummy and distinct lack of bingo wings.

But you really do need to be starting now.

Alex 'fat face' West

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