On Friday I went for a massage.

I find it’s a great way to end a tough week, spending 45 minutes under the tender hands of someone to work out the tension and knots in my back and shoulders.

Apart from this time it wasn’t so relaxing.

It started well, great welcome, shown to the room and all that.

You know how it is.

The scented candles and relaxing music. Brilliant!

Except this time I needed a wee before we started.

No, I didn’t pee myself. It’s not that bad a story!

I went to the toilet and came back.

Started to undress and get ready for my well deserved (if I do say so myself!) massage.

Then I realised I was in the wrong room….

Feeling like a pratt I had to quickly chuck my top back on and pretend it never happened.

I almost got away with it except the lady doing my massage saw me…

“I wondered where you had got to!”

Ah well, it was very embarrassing but we all make mistakes.

In a way it’s a bit like trying to lose weight and improve your health.

Lots of people go in the wrong room.

Whether it be meal replacement shakes, starving themselves and having a big rebound, going low fat or doing endless hours of cardio.

But the good news is it’s usually easily remedied.

You come out of the wrong room and go in the right room.

The room with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, lean meats, healthy fats and a sensible exercise programme.

There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about choosing the wrong room. Just correct the mistake as soon as possible.

A qualified professional can help you or you can do your own research and make your own choices.

Odds are you will get where you want to be a lot quicker with the help of a professional but you don’t have to use one.

So if you are in the proverbial wrong room at the moment, get out of there and get in the right room!


Alex ‘blonde moment’ West


Ps. To help you choose the right room I am planning an evening talk at the start of April. I’ll send you over some more details on that soon.