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Run rabbit run!

Sleep deprivation.

Increased stress.

Those are the two things I was most expecting with our new arrival.

We have been lucky though. Flossie is now 12 weeks old and sleeps through the night.

Has been for a couple of weeks actually.

I am frantically touching wood as I type this hoping it doesn’t change.

And hoping I don’t get a barrage of hate mail from parents whose kids don’t sleep through.

That must be hell and I have every sympathy.

Friends of ours have a little boy who is just over 1.

He still doesn’t sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time.

They look like zombies a lot of the time!

So no sleep deprivation.

And no stress either. Not really. Sure she has her moments but actually Flossie is pretty chilled out.

Just like her dad 😉

If you are stressed then running is a great way of reducing your stress levels. Which is why I want to start again now the weather is a little bit nicer.

I’ve put together an 8 week running programme which is designed to take you (and me!) from non runner to being able to run for 30 minutes without sounding like you smoke 30 a day.

I’m starting on March the 31st and I want 10 people to join me. 

It will be the perfect build up to the Race For Life which is happening on the 8th of June. 

Start March 31st, 8 weeks build up takes you to the end of May, have a reload week before the event and then do the Race For Life. Bish bash bosh.

It’s only 30 quid for the 8 weeks and we will run 3 times a week. So thats just over £1/session.

And whilst we are recovering you can tap into my brain about all things weight loss and wellness related.

There may even be a sneaky hot choccy after some of the runs 🙂

I promise I won’t wear lycra shorts as well!

Alex ‘no lycra please’ West

Ps. This isn’t really a running club. It’s designed for beginners so don’t be shy. It will just be a small group of us having a laugh, doing a bit of running and getting a bit fitter.


  1. Ronnie Harris on said:

    Hi Alex

    How’re you doing? I could be very tempted to join you and your beginners ‘running club’. I’m assuming you’d be running after work but what time would you start and what nights.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon. I hope all is well.

    Take care


  2. Hi Ronnie!

    I’m great thanks, how is the new (or not new anymore!) job going?

    We had a baby at christmas (10th of December). A little girl called Florence which is amazing. Totally smitten 🙂

    The running group is in the daytime but it’s full now, sorry.

    If you wanted to work with me then I think my small group personal training would be good for you. And now is the time to start preparing for the summer 🙂



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