Ah cellulite. If there is a question I have had more than most it is how to get rid of this troublesome but harmless 'condition'.

The reality is that it isn't easy to get rid of it in todays day and age.

You see, fundamentally cellulite is formed from toxins and we are constantly bombarded by the little blighters.

When your body takes in toxins, either from the environment or from poor quality food or any other source, it has to process them and essentially do something with them to stop them damaging your body. The best place for the body to store these toxins, until they can be processed and ejected from the body, is your fat cells.

As with anything toxic your body will form a protective bubble of fluid around it. Imagine an infected hair follicle and the little bubble of gunge that forms...icky!

It is this fluid around the toxins that pushes the fat cells out of shape and results in that orange peel effect.

As the trashy magazines and tabloids like to remind us, even celebrities suffer from this (shock horror, they are human too??) and there isn't really anything to be ashamed or distressed about.

But if you want to get rid of it here is a rough approach to try out. It's all about letting your liver do it's job and process the toxins you are taking in and have already taken in.

Step 1 - drink plenty of filtered water to reduce the toxins entering the body.

Step 2 - cut down or out the amount of the processed foods you eat and stick with organic whole foods wherever possible. If you are eating non organic meat cut off the excess fat as that is also where animals store their toxins. Just like us. Always thought I had some animal properties...!

Step 3 - eat plenty of veggies which act as great anti oxidants.

Step 4 - give it time. You have to give your liver time to play catch up and remove the stored toxins in your body.

Hopefully that will help you in your battle against the cellulite.