Florence is just over 5 months old now and over the last week or so has become more and more interested in what we are eating.

It looks like weaning has begun!

We actually got given a couple of booklets by Cow & Gate on weaning and they were fascinating reading not just from a weaning perspective but from a health and body fat perspective for adults.

It was almost like the Boost Your Body nutrition guide but dressed up as being for babies.

The suggested shopping list for babies was along the lines of:

  • lean meats
  • fish
  • some mixed nuts
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • healthy fats
  • potatoes/sweet potatoes

It also suggested that "It's best to avoid sweet biscuits and rusks so that your baby doesn't get into the habit of expecting sweat snacks".

And "Don't give your baby adult foods such as ice cream, chocolate, tea, coffee, biscuits or cakes".

Incidentally I don't really see why foods such as ice cream, chocolate, tea, coffee, biscuits or cakes are 'adult' foods.

Is it ok to mess up an adults hormonal system, create IBS and leaky gut issues, eat processed foods which will ultimately result in increased fat storage and a chronic lack of energy?

Anyway, to me that shopping list isn't a baby weaning shopping list.

It is a shopping list that a very large proportion of the UK could and should be replicating. Maybe if we did and we avoided so called adult foods then 61% of women (and 66% of men) wouldn't be overweight.

Now I'm not saying don't eat things like ice cream, chocolate etc etc but we have to recognise that these are treats and should be treated as such (I.e limited to once or twice a week and not once or twice a day).

Simply, the foods on the baby weaning shopping list are the foods we as adults should be basing our nutrition around if we are serious about losing weight, staying toned, having lots of energy and getting good quality sleep.

Just don't start pureeing all your food!