The world cup is just around the corner and we should be prepared for the usual cliches from partners, analysts and just about everyone who vaguely pays attention to the event.


Watching football typically involves lots of alcohol and lots of dubious food choices. However Nottingham personal trainer Alex West of Boost Your Body has come up with a fun way for residents of Nottingham to use the world cup to get in shape.


Alex says “The world cup isn’t for everyone and a lot of people get fed up with the cliches that are thrown around, particularly when England are playing. But here at Boost Your Body we have created a fun little game to play over the next few weeks.”


Here are the rules. Whenever your partner, kids, parents or friends say one of these phrases whilst watching the football you need to do the relevant exercises.


Where’s the talking? = 10 squats

It’s still 0-0! = 10 push ups

It’s a game of 2 halves = 15 crunches

Group of death = 15 reverse crunches

Shooooot!! = 10 lunges

That was definitely a goal/red card/sending off! = 30 second plank


There is a good chance that you will be pretty fit by the time the competition has finished!