So tomorrow is, apparently, run to work day.


It's your opportunity to join all those people who have left it too late to get in shape for the summer and have suddenly started pounding the pavement in a desperate attempt to get in shape by the time the sun finally shows itself.

Yep, you too can lose a few lbs (mostly of muscle) to help you look good for the summer by running.

We'll ignore the ruined knees.

The sore shins.

The back pain from repeated impacts through your spine.

Don't get me wrong, I am not an 'anti-runner'.

In fact I think running is a fantastic form of exercise for some people.

But if you are overweight and trying to get in shape it's a terrible choice.

For starters it's inefficient. You have to run for hours to get the same effect as 45 minutes of strength training will give you.

I would rather spend that time with my family personally.

It's also risky. If you are carrying excess weight then your biomechanics are likely out of kilter and the sheer force you are putting through your joints is asking for trouble.

My osteopath buddy spends a lot of time picking up the pieces with people who have some fat to shift and decided running was the best way to do it.

A much better approach?

2 x 45 minute strength training sessions a week
2 x 30-40 minute walks a week
Good nutrition