The guy had crossed Trent Bridge to ask me that.

You see, Flossie was in her baby carrier (one of those 3 in 1 jobs) and strapped to my chest whilst we went for a wander.

Or fasted cardio to you and me.

And she had fallen asleep.

I like to think it my reassuring presence...

More likely it's because she had only slept for 1 hour in the day the day before.

Anyway she was asleep and her head was lolling on the front of the carrier.

And this guy had rushed across Trent Bridge to ask me if that was ok.

Apparently if she was her daughter he would be concerned about her neck and would take her out and carry her on his shoulder.

I'm sure he was just trying to be helpful but:

A) It made me feel awful. Like I was jeopardising her neck because I couldn't be bothered to carry her (not true, if anything I never want to put her down!)

B) Made me paranoid that I was doing the wrong thing and I should be doing it differently.

It reminded me what it's like when you start a new way of eating.

You drop the processed carbs, start eating more protein and healthy fats.

But then your friend who is stuck in the 1980's pipes up.

'Should you be eating butter? It's bad for you isn't it?'

'Too much protein will kill you'


They don't mean to be like 'bridge guy' and set doubts and fears going in your mind.

They think they are looking out for you. Doing you a favour.

But they aren't.

They are distracting you from achieving your goals.

Lulling you into a false sense of fear that you are going to do damage to yourself.

And so you quit that new eating habit which would have seen you drop a few dress sizes.

That would have got you a lot more energy.

That would have transformed your life.

And instead you stick eating the foods which got you where you are now.

When you adopt new eating habits then you need to be a bit blinkered.

Thank your friends for their 'concern' but stay resolute with your new way of eating.

When you are out buying a whole new wardrobe because you have dropped a whole bunch of body fat they will be asking you how you did it.

Win to you.