If you are anything like me then potato skins are not great to eat.

I always leave the skin off my baked potatoes and it took me a long time to get used to eating the skin on new potatoes.

The thing is, whenever you leave the skin you always get a smart Alec telling you ‘that’s where all the goodness is’.

Well actually, if you have IBS, then you should be peeling and/or leaving potato skins!

See, potato skin contains a little something called glycoalkaloids.

These are a potatoes natural defence against pests and are toxic to critters.

Now, whilst they aren’t overly toxic to the average human our ancestors always used to peel the skin off their potatoes before eating them and many traditional potato eating cultures continue to peel them before they eat them.

Don’t get me wrong, potatoes are one of the better sources of carbs and are a lot better choice than grains.

For me they are on the ‘good guys’ list of foods.

But if you have IBS then the glycoalkaloids can irritate the gut lining, increasing inflammation and worsening the condition.


So a good reason to leave your potato skins right?