Last week I was unexpectedly on baby duty!

Natalie was back at work and normally Flossie would go and spend the day with a friend of ours.

Except this time her baby had hand, foot and mouth which is apparently highly contagious.

So with no other back up with that late notice I had to look after her for the day.

Normally that would be great but Mondays are my busiest day.

It starts with taking our 6.30am training session and then we have training in the morning and in the evening up until 9.00pm. A long day.

Fortunately one of our NCT friends could have her for whilst I took our 9.30am training session otherwise I would have had a little helper with me!

But it did mean I got literally no work done on that Monday and I didn’t get to do my own workout either.

I could have taken the easy way out and let it all go to pot for the day but I’m working on Project C at the moment…

So that wasn’t an option.

Instead I made the decision to enjoy our unexpected day together so we did lots of playing and chilling out.

But I kept my nutrition pretty tight.

And didn’t stress out about missing a workout.

Missing one here and there won’t kill me and if it means spending the day with my little girl then I’m cool with that.

Just remember that life will throw you curve balls.
It’s how you react to them that will be the decider between success and failure.

What have you had happen recently which has put a spanner in the works of your fitness quest?

Let me know 🙂



P.S. Our small group personal training is nearly full. We have only got a handful of spaces left and then we will be closing our doors until someone leaves. I know summer is a busy time but if you are really fed up being out of shape then I don’t think there is anything better to help you get in shape than our small group personal training:

If you would like to apply for a free trial workout then just let me know.