When I was a youngster I played football and Rugby for my school.

It was great, I was 17 and could play a full game of rugby getting stuck in and the next day I’d be fine apart from a couple of bumps and bruises.

I trained a lot then as well.

Badly, but I still trained.

I remember using our schools gym in the evening (I was a boarder for a long while which was awesome fun!) doing loads of crunches, squats and hammering the multi gym they had in there.

I used to alternate days of weight training with running.

Nowadays that would kill me.

The reality is I’m middle aged (grand old age of 31) and whilst it’s the prime of life for many things you really do notice recovery times slowing down as you get older.

If I tried to do what I did then now I would get a lot of injuries, which would seriously interrupt my training.


So now I need to train smarter not longer.

Which is fine because to get great results the reality is you don’t have to train like a maniac every day.

I tend to find people who do have a touch of the peter pan syndrome.

They are 40 but think they can still train like they are 20.

Big mistake as my Osteopath buddy can testify!

So if you want to avoid regular visits from Mrs. Niggles then make sure you aren’t playing at being Peter Pan.




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