I think most people know it took us 2 1/2 years to get little Florence.

That is largely because Natalie has PCOS.

When we first found out we were quite shocked but it quickly became apparent that PCOS is much more common than we thought.

To say we didn’t get any support would be unfair on the amazing NHS, which helped us get our beautiful daughter.

But it would be fair to say that any support we got was purely medical.

Which is a shame because you can do a hell of a lot to help PCOS with the right nutrition and exercise programme.

Of course I had to learn all that from scratch to help support Natalie but now it’s a topic I’m fairly on the ball with.


Anyway, one of our lovely clients also has PCOS and has set up a support network for Nottingham under the charity Verity umbrella.

It’s a group where people can support each other, share their experiences and pick up some advice.

No pressure and no hassle.

If you want to show your support or join the community head on over to their Facebook page.



P.S. If you do have PCOS then there are some nutritional changes you really should be making to your diet. I’m afraid to say you get a tougher ride than people who are overweight but don’t have PCOS and you don’t have quite as much leeway for those niceties if you really want to lose fat but don’t let that be a barrier to progress. You can still make amazing progress, as several of our members will testify