I didn't realise we had a crazy chicken!

But it turns out we do.

See, we got 2 new chickens last week and Miss Milly was not a happy bunny. Err....chicken.

Now I know where the phrase pecking order comes from!

Things seem to be settling down now but it's been a noisy few days.

The baby?

She didn't really take much notice to be honest. Just carried on as normal.

Seeing Miss Milly creating a scene made me think of everyone who has worked with us over the years.

See, she was thrown out of her comfort zone by our 2 new arrivals.

The normal day she had gotten used to wouldn't be the same again.

And boy did she let us know about it.

But she got over it.

And now seems happier with her 2 new playmates.

The reality is it's a big step to step out of your comfort zone.

But if you do it, either through choice (the best way when it comes to health and fitness) or necessity (the not cool way of doing it as it usually means a big health scare along the way) then your life will improve.

Something to consider?



Ps. Our 2 chickens are called Chelsea and Wesley, they are kinda cute. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see some picture of them: