I can't do a single thing about gravity.

Even if I wanted to move to Jupiter or the moon there is no way that I could.

On the other hand, there are lots of things I can do to control my reaction to gravity.

I can get in better shape so gravity doesn't hinder my basic movements so much.

I can avoid situations where gravity makes me uncomfortable (the trapeze, for example).

I can choose to not whine about gravity and its effects.

There are countless forces in our lives that are out of our control.

That doesn't mean we can't do anything about how they influence our life though...

One thing that is in your control is your health and fitness.

The ability to shift the wobbly stuff.

And our online course will help you do that.

I know you didn't want to start anything whilst the kids were still off.

It's easier to start something new once the dust has settled.

I get that, it's totally fine.

I'm the same.

But now the kids are back at school.

So if you sign up now then you will get access to our nutrition plans and can buy the right foods when you go shopping this weekend.

Then you can get cracking with the workouts on Monday.

Sound like a plan?

Just click here to get started: https://boostyourbody.leadpages.net/red-dress-course/



Ps. If it's a space thing you're worried about then don't be. If you have a space you can lie down in then you have space to perform all the exercise in this programme. You don't need any equipment either.

Get started by clicking here: https://boostyourbody.leadpages.net/red-dress-course/