I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my time.

I remember one long weekend away with friends I almost got arrested (actually I’d have probably got worse than arrested) after the German police saw me peeing up against the historic Munich city wall.

Not a clever idea and I was pretty lucky the police realised I was just a drunk foreigner who didn’t know any better.

Obviously if I knew what I was peeing against then I wouldn’t have done it.

But sometimes people do stupid things even when they know it’s stupid.

I mean no-one can seriously think trying to do squats whilst stood on a swiss ball is a good idea right?

Or trying to do sprint intervals with a bad knee.

Or doing press ups with your elbows out wide risking injury to your shoulders?

I guess the reality is people don’t always know things are stupid when it comes to fitness.

That’s why my online course specifically includes walk through videos showing you how to do the exercises properly and safely.

Think of me as a stupid barrier!

If you want to combine a kick ass effective nutrition plan with safe and effective exercises then you need to sign up to our little red dress course.



P.S. You don’t have to wear a red dress at the end of it, it could be black or navy or green or... you get the idea. Here is the link again: https://boostyourbody.leadpages.net/red-dress-course/