What crap advice.

Generally given by people who are naturally slim and really don’t get why we struggle with our weight, right?

The reality of course is it isn’t that easy.

If it was we would have done it ages ago right?

These ‘google experts’ don’t understand the endocrine system and how ours functions differently to theirs.

They don’t understand the psychological issues that take place when their is half a tub of mint choc chip ice cream in the freezer calling our name and why we can’t resist.

They don’t understand that the answer to ‘just one won’t hurt will it?’ is ‘yes it will hurt because it will set back the repair work I am doing to my insulin sensitivity and probably lead to binge eating the rest of the day followed by a day or two of guilt and the possibility of even more binge eating’.

So if anyone ever gives you that pearl of wisdom you have my permission to bash them on the nose!



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But my god you will get results like you never knew you could.

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