Welcome to my Blog which should probably be entitled “West Bridgford couple lose the plot.”  Instead I’ve gone with the far less obvious, but more inspiring “Project Abbey Clancy” for reasons which will become clear.


I’m a 36 year old mum and lawyer.  I’m also currently training to become a fitness coach and am fascinated by all things health, nutrition, and fitness related.  I have been working with Alex from the fantastic Boost your Body studio in West Bridgford since the start of this year and have learnt more in that time about fitness than in the other 35 years of my life, despite always having been fairly active and competed in various sports.


I also apparently have a tendency to agree to do things completely out of my comfort zone – because my husband and I have volunteered to take part in Strictly Learn to Dance 8, in aid of Nottinghamshire Hospice. I have never danced a step in my life and I’m pretty sure that if I had a hidden talent for dancing, it would have showed itself by now.


So I should introduce Phil – my husband.  He is 41 and has also never danced before.  Surprisingly he thought it was a good idea, even though he is generally the sensible one.

Arwen and Phil

On a serious note it is for a great cause.  The details are in the poster shown here – together with a demonstration of the fact that I look nothing like Abbey Clancy, more’s the pity.


In an ideal world I’d like a head transplant (together with lovely hair), but I’m a realist.  I’ve realised I’m going to just have to focus on things from the neck down.  I don’t know if you watched the last series of Strictly, but she made every outfit look stunning – mainly because of her physique. She wasn’t very good at the beginning but she was awesome at the end!


Now I’m never going to be a lingerie model, but I do have faith in what hard work and dedication can accomplish even in a relatively short time, and I am very lucky in  having someone like Alex to help me achieve my goals.  Not in the dancing - I’ve seen him dance and wouldn’t recommend him for lessons unless you were really desperate to be an expert in Dad dancing - but in order to enable me to step out confidently on stage in front of a large audience wearing a very small dress without completely freaking out.


So this is really to track the experience, the fun, the stress, the learning curves, the sequins and temper tantrums (and that’s just Phil), and most importantly the fitness and nutrition process that I will be following pretty religiously for the next 12 weeks so that I can give myself the best chance possible of pulling off looking decent, even if our dancing performance is more Ann and Anton  than Abbey and Aljaz.


If you want a giggle – click on the links below, thanks for reading this, and we hope you enjoy reading our updates.






PS Please put the 28th November in your diary – we will be selling tickets at the bargain sum of £12 in due course, and if you can’t make it in person you can sponsor us by visiting www.justgiving.com/arwenandphil