There must have been at least 15 of them who all stopped and stared as I wandered out the changing rooms.


The Aqua Mums of course!

I don’t know if that’s what they are actually called…

But when I wandered out the changing room to the pool for a quick dip and a relax in the whirlpool there was an aqua aerobics class going on.

And I wandered out right in front of them.


(And self conscious as well!!)

Let me tell you, I’ve not walked around a pool so quickly for a long time.

Sitting in the whirlpool it was kind of funny watching these ladies go through their workout.

It looked quite fun and the instructor was giving it large on the side of the pool but I couldn’t help wonder who was doing it for results and who was doing it just for a bit of activity on a Thursday morning.

A few of them seemed really into it and were taking it quite seriously. Others seemed more laid back about it.

See, doing classes like that are ok for an off day activity.

Perfect even, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

But for getting results?

Not so much.

Personal Training knocks stuff like that for 6 when it comes to life changing results.

That’s just the reality of the situation I’m afraid.

Sure, everyone knows a Jane or a Sally who has lost weight doing stuff like Zumba or aqua aerobics but they are the exception rather than the rule.

What do you do on your ‘off days’?

Let me know.