The other weekend I went to Cardiff for a bit of a boys' weekend away

Playing toy soldiers with my buddies really.

But I like to try and make it sound cooler than that!

Anyway, on the drive to Cardiff I was struck by how badly some people drive on the motorway.

They bomb up the outside lane well over the speed limit.

And then slam the brakes on when they get to the back of a queue.

I mean, it’s like the cars in the outside lane take them by surprise and they only see them when they are 50 metres behind them!

What ever happened to looking a bit further ahead, seeing a queue and thinking ‘aha they are going slower than me so I should ease off the gas a bit now’.

It’s a bit like doing OK on a diet and then having a night out and letting it ruin the whole week for you.

So many people do it and ruin their hard work through the week.

In reality with a bit of tweaking you can account for an evening out and not let it affect your progress much. If at all.

After all, it’s not like all of a sudden you get a phone call out the blue saying ‘shall we go out for food and drinks this evening?’ is it?

Odds are you will have known about it at least a few days in advance and so should have planned for it appropriately.