I spent 5 days in a drug-fuelled haze last week.

Not quite sure what planet I was on.

Of course I haven’t suddenly become an addict, I was ill.

Properly ill as well, even Natalie was supportive so it must have been serious.

I was going through a pack of nurofen a day as it was the only thing that would take the edge off my migraine.

It started off as a cold, developed into a fever and then migraine came which left me bed ridden for a few days.

The reality of course was that it could easily have been avoided.

But we have been really busy the last few weeks taking on new Clients, revamping our services and mapping out the future of the business.

And so my nutrition went out the window.

Instead of eating properly across the day I regularly had nothing until tea time.

Or worse, ate junk.

And when you aren’t eating properly your immune system takes a pounding.

So learn from my mistake. Not matter how busy you get make sure you keep eating well otherwise your body will put an enhanced forced break on you.