So excited that Gogglebox is back on the TV.

I never really watch TV, usually too busy or nothing that really grabs me.

But for some reason I there is something captivating about Gogglebox.

I think it’s because it gives a glimpse into other peoples’ lives. What they think of things, shows etc. and how their views may be different to mine.

Some of the people on there are just plain funny.

What’s less funny is winter setting in.

It’s getting darker earlier, lighter later and colder.

It’s the time when good intentions and good results get thrown to the wayside because it’s a little bit less comfortable to go and exercise.

Especially if you exercise outside or in a cold old church hall.

Fortunately it’s not something we have to worry about here at the studio.

No cold, no mud, no crawling around trying to avoid dog sh*t in the dark.

Just a warm, welcoming environment to work out in.