Over the last week I’ve been reading Roy Keane's new autobiography.

Just in case you haven’t heard of him, he is a very successful footballer.

Famous for his drive and desire to give his all.

It was that drive and desire that enabled him to achieve so much.

He didn’t let obstacles get in his way.

He didn’t have a tough week and think to himself ‘bugger this, I quit’.

He did what all winners do and persevere.

Accepted that it was a tough time, got his head down and pushed on.

Truly inspirational and a great reminder that not everything in life is sugar coated unicorns and rivers of chocolate.

There will be times when life makes it hard to get workouts in or hard to eat well.

What makes or breaks those who are successful is whether they get to that point and stop trying or keep pushing on until they get through to the other side.