Recently I’ve been experimenting a little.

See, I found I was almost addicted to Facebook/the internet/my iPhone.

I would literally waste hours a day on it and be there in case anyone needed me or messaged me.

Truthfully it was killing me.

And more importantly it was interfering with quality time with Flossie.

So I bit the bullet and tried something radical.

I switched it off for the evening.

Guess what?

The world didn’t end.

Boost Your Body didn’t fall apart.

I didn’t miss anything vital on Flakebook.

And actually I felt a lot more relaxed.

I actually didn’t really know what to do with myself to be honest.

Actually having spare time that I wasn’t wasting on mindless stuff was refreshing.

Give it a try, switch your phone off for a few hours and see what happens.

Alternatively, if you have kids for example, put it on do not disturb and just set your partner and/or kids up as favourites so they will override it but no one else can disturb you.

Take some time for you, your body will thank you for it.