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Nottingham Personal Trainer

It used to be really hard to find a Nottingham Personal Trainer who could help get you looking and feeling great. In fact, until Boost Your Body introduced their unique personal training programme, finding a trainer anywhere in Nottingham who could show you exactly how to lose body fat and tone up was like finding a £20 note down the back of your sofa...


Well now you can work with a Nottingham Personal Trainer who will get you fantastic results. You can also get a FREE trial workout.


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Your Nottingham Personal Trainer will help you achieve your goals. We know the Boost Your Body programme works because it’s worked for hundreds of clients over the years.


People like Annette who worked with a Nottingham Personal Trainer and dropped 3 dress sizes and lost 28lbs of fat in just 12 weeks!


Nottingham Personal Trainer


It’s simple, easy to follow and effective. You bring the commitment and your Nottingham Personal Trainer will help you by:

  • Providing you with complete eating plans designed to burn body fat and teach you good, permanent eating habits you can stick to for life.
  • Motivating and encouraging you during your workouts at our private training studio.
  • Welcoming you into our unique fit family where everyone helps each other and, as well as holding each other accountable, provides support and encouragement every single day.
  • By getting you in the best shape of your life. Dramatically improving your look, health, fitness, and mobility.


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