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HIIT Training

Training sessions usually start off with around 10 minutes of HIIT training. Studies show this type of training burns more calories in 10 minutes than 45 minutes of jogging.  It also boosts your metabolism so you'll be burning calories at an increased rate for up to 24 hours afterwards.

Finally it's fantastic at working your heart and lungs making them nice and healthy so you won't be out of breath going up and down the stairs.

Strength Training

After the HIIT training we move onto around 15-20 minutes of strength training. This type of training is fantastic at boosting your metabolism for up to 24 hours after a workout meaning you'll be burning fat even when you aren't exercising. 

It's also ideal for toning up those stubborn body parts and adding shape to your body as well being the go to exercise to prevent and reverse osteoperosis. 

Flexibility Work

We finish off each workout with around 10 minutes flexibility work. Studies show flexibility decreases with age so it's important to include this type of training to halt and reverse that decline. 

Remaining flexible helps reduce your risk of injury and helps your posture. A good posture makes you appear slimmer and more toned. Finally, being flexible will help get rid of a lot of those aches and pains which can seem everpresent. 

Our Sculpt & Tone Exercise Solution has been developed over many years and has helped hundreds of women achieve fantastic results in less time than they believed possible. 

Specifically designed to include the components essential for health, fat loss and toning in ladies, with a training session lasting 45 minutes.

A typical training session on The Energise Programme looks like this:

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