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Meet the Team




The Founder

In a previous life I used to be an engineer but that all changed in 2008 with the financial crash and recession. I had a 5-month-old daughter to think about and needed to come up with a Plan B pretty quickly. I always had an interest in fitness so decided to take the plunge and make it my full-time career.

BYB started off one dark, rainy, November night in a muddy field with my first two clients (thank you Jane and Karen by the way).

I quickly realised the UK isn’t made for all-year-round outdoor fitness, so I moved indoors to my first “studio”. I started out working with anyone and everyone but found the clients I really enjoyed working with were ladies over 40. There were no exercise egos, they had tried the faddy stuff and were ready for something which could offer sustainable, long term results.

We’ve grown from one studio to three and we’re now looking to open more centres across the UK to reach more women. I think the fitness industry largely fails 40+ ladies by sticking with a one-style-fits-all approach and, judging by the number of new clients we are signing up, a lot of you agree.


Studio Manager - West Bridgford,Beeston

I found my love for training six years ago and decided I wanted to help other women find that same passion. I trained and qualified as a fitness instructor, then personal training, followed by pre & post-natal coaching three years ago.

I’m a mum of four which is the most empowering thing my body has ever done, and I love helping and motivating women by showing them how strong they can be. I believe no goal is too small or too big to aim for.


Trainer - West Bridgford

In September 2015 I attended my first training session at Boost Your Body as a new member, having never lifted weights before or done any type of resistance training. At the time of writing this I have since attended 523 classes!

Somewhere along the way I undertook a personal training course and qualified in 2018. I joined the team at West Bridgford which I juggle with a much less interesting “day” job which keeps me busy the rest of the week. I enjoy my role as both trainer and trainee in equal measure and outside of the gym I'm a keen tennis player as well as fitting in a bit of running and yoga.


Trainer - West Bridgford

Hi, I’m Mike and in 2016 I decided to give myself the gift of early retirement and follow my passion in health and fitness. Having already enjoyed a rewarding career in rivers and environmental management and running my own construction business I started on a new journey in Personal Training with the intention of inspiring others to live healthier happier and fitter lives whilst remaining inspired myself. I have well over 30 years of training experience from running through to strength and conditioning, body composition, nutrition, and motivational coaching. I currently enjoy challenging myself by practicing and teaching Yoga complementing the strength and conditioning work I do. I believe we can all choose to be healthier and fitter no matter what age. All it takes is a commitment and willingness to do the necessary work and I am here ready to help you reach your goals and let the magic happen.


Trainer - West Bridgford

If there is one thing that my Sport and Exercise Science degree taught me is that being physically active and leading a healthy lifestyle will benefit every aspect of your life. Growing up I took part in many different sports at a competitive level, with rowing being my main sport, these days I compete in functional fitness competitions which I love! I have been a qualified PT for over 3 years and have recently become qualified in pre & post-natal training. I love helping people change their lives for the better and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all in the studio!


Trainer - West Bridgford

Hi I’m Aj! I have been personal training and teaching classes for nearly 6 years now! I have been a qualified pt for nearly 8 years now and have a massive passion for seeing people reach their goals both in fitness and life! Look forward to helping you on your journey and hope you are ready to work!


Trainer - Beeston

My fitness journey started properly after the birth of first child when I joined keep fit classes, aerobics and step. Later I got into dance including styles street, tap and salsa, and have gone on to perform in several shows and as a group.

I’ve worked in women-only gyms for the last 11 years teaching body conditioning, aerobics and step. It’s easy to keep motivated in my job as you’re helping people achieve their goals and have fun at the same time!


Studio Manager - Sheffield

I'm Hayley and I'm happy to help you every step of the way! I love what health and fitness brings to our lives and in so many different ways.

I love learning and working with people to feel better. I will help guide you and encourage you throughout your workouts!

I have worked in health and fitness for some years now and I'm still enjoying it, learning, meeting amazing people and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Trainer - Sheffield

I’m a fully qualified Level 3 personal trainer with several years' experience and a proven track record for delivering my clients' goals. I like to keep up to date with the latest training techniques and systems, as it gives me the scope needed to keep clients on track.

Ultimately, I have a genuine interest in my clients’ well-being. Whether the goal is to lose weight, tone up or improve general fitness and muscular strength – I’m here to help!


Trainer - Sheffield

I’ve been in the fitness industry for nearly twenty five years. No matter what your goal is I’m here to help you improve on your strength, overall physical fitness, fuel your body right and any other problems you may have. Being ‘a woman of a certain age’ - fifty five to be precise - I can relate to your needs.


Trainer - Sheffield

Hi, I'm Liz and I'm 49. For me my journey really started at 36 after having two children. As they grew I decided to concentrate on my own needs too, so I started running, firstly on my own but then joining a running club. I have completed 7 London Marathons and countless other races.

I found that running with people with a shared goal helped tremendously. This is the same for any fitness training. My love of fitness, health and well-being led me down the route of becoming a personal trainer and deep tissue practitioner, to which I am level 3 qualified.

I love motivating other people and hope that I personally inspire other woman of a similar age to achieve the goals they want and to make the changes in their life to obtain a good level of health and fitness. I believe that everything is possible.


Trainer - Sheffield

I’ve been involved in fitness training from being a late teen, and a few years back I decided to take the leap to change that from a passion to a career.

I teach women-only kickboxing, have various group exercise qualifications and am about to embark on my personal trainer course to take my skills and expertise to the next level.

Working with women to help improve their everyday fitness in a fun, welcoming and supportive environment brings me such joy! Helping women to achieve their goals drives me to keep learning, so that in turn I can keep being a better coach!


Trainer - Sheffield

I have been a personal trainer 5 years, I specialise in muscle hypertrophy weight loss and nutritional advice.I’m a Big believer that everybody should stay moderately fit and active, not just physically, but mentally no matter your age, gender, capability or disability. My motto is, don’t let anybody tell you that unachievable isn’t achievable,because it is. (I was told at 25 years old I wouldn’t walk again, but here I am).