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How much does the programme cost?
The six-week Transformation Programme costs between £125 and £175. This includes all your weekly sessions, full support from the BYB personal trainers and nutritional support.
Can I have a chat to someone before I sign up?
Anytime! You can find our contact details here.
Is the dietary support suitable for everyone, e.g. vegetarians?
Yes, our nutrition plan is based around three habits that anyone can implement whether they are vegan, vegetarian, celiac or have any other special dietary requirements.
Are the classes available to women only?
Yes they are and this is because we want to make sure our fitness studios are friendly, relaxed and supportive places where women can achieve their fitness goals without feeling intimidated.
What happens if I can’t make all the sessions, or I get injured?
Don’t worry – this isn't boot camp. We can adapt or extend your programme to suit you.
Can I speak to someone outside of the classes?
Yes, if you have any worries or questions then there are several ways to get hold of a member of the team. We will let you know the options once you sign up.
What times are the classes?
The opening times vary slightly studio to studio, but we aim to work around work and school schedules as much as possible. All our studios offer a large range of sessions to choose from so you’re almost certain to be able to find ones that suit you. You can see the current class schedules on the West Bridgford, Beeston and Sheffield pages.
Do you offer any guarantees?
Yes, we offer a full money-back guarantee: if you have not seen any measurable improvements after the six-week transformation programme we will offer a full refund. But this has never happened.
What is your success rate?
If our members follow the agreed six-week programme then the success rate is 100%. Sometimes there can be hiccups or injuries that slow things down a bit, but we are flexible and will always come up with a solution.
Where do you hold your sessions?
We have three bespoke personal training studios in Beeston and West Bridgford in Nottingham, and Sharrow Vale in Sheffield.
Do I need to have any of my own equipment?
No, we supply everything you need but some ladies do like to bring their own exercise mats. We also advise you bring a water bottle and a small towel so that you can wipe down the equipment after use.
Are there shower or change facilities?
There is space to change in each of the studios but no showers.
Can I pause the programme?
Yes, but please speak to one of the BYB team first to see how we might be able to help or reschedule your fitness programme, so you don’t lose the gains you have already made.
Are the classes all live or online?
All our classes are now live at one of our three bespoke studios.
When should I start to see results?
It varies from person to person but if you follow the Transformation Programme you should see subtle changes within a few weeks and measurable ones after your first three weeks.
What happens after the six weeks?
You have the option to join our Recommitment Programme, which is specifically designed to maintain and build on the success you have already made. We will send you more details towards the end of the six-week Transformation Programme, or you can speak to our membership consultant.
How does all this work with Covid restrictions?
We are following Government guidelines and are fully Covid and socially distanced compliant in all our studios. If you have any concerns you can speak to a member of the BYB team.
What happens if I haven’t used all my sessions at the end of the month because, for example, I’m going on holiday?
Unused sessions at the end of the month are not carried forward. However, if you are on our 2 or 3 times a week membership then you will be allocated a ‘Catch Up’ pack which you can dip into to catch up unused sessions. So you could do 10, 11 or however many sessions the following month to, as the name suggests, catch up. Once a week membership does not come with a ‘Catch Up’ pack.