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Our Ethos

Our ethos is simple: we never dwell on the negatives but look for the positives in everyone when they start the BYB Transformation Programme.

We all have parts of our body we’d rather swap with Tess Daly (or even Vernon Kay…) but until rock-hard abs are available via Amazon, we all must make the best of what we’ve been given.

The body is truly amazing.

So, that’s our starting ethos: you are amazing.

We already know that, but we want you to know that too, and work towards goals to make you even more amazing. (You will see this word used a lot on this page, but feel free to substitute it with “brilliant", "fab", "stupendous" or "awesome” at any time). And we are not blowing smoke up your lycra leggings either; if you are taking the decision to work with us to make yourself more amazing, in our book you are already several steps along the path of amazingness.

Remember, this path only takes six weeks – that’s all we ask. You give us that time and we will make sure you never look back (well, maybe to check out your new, perter bottom occasionally…).

And don’t worry - at the end of the six weeks, we don’t cut you off cold turkey-style to fly solo against all the temptations Hotel Chocolat has to offer; we offer a new Recommitment Programme to help retain the gains you have made with BYB.