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Diane's Results

Diane Results

Name: Diane

Age: 54

How long have you been a member of BYB?

34 months.

What problem were you experiencing before joining Boost Your Body, what made you join us?

Before joining I was at a loss how to train effectively. I was half heartedly going along to the gym and doing things like cycling, treadmill and cross trainer but didn't know what was best for me. Wandering round thinking... shall I do this?

I had a session with the trainer at the gym who treated me as if I was 20 expecting me to lift arms and legs the same time in the TRX etc and frankly so many different exercises I couldn't remember the names and what I was supposed to do. When I went again he wasn't there and the trainer on duty did not know what the exercises he had listed were!

Was there anything that made you hesitant or nervous about joining us?

I was a little bit nervous but had a recommendation so that helped. I was worried about feeling not part of the 'club'.

What has changed for you since you joined Boost Your Body?

I have gained confidence, toned up, feel better mentally and much stronger. I have made friends and love going to workout and also have a chat with likeminded people.

I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant at BYB by Alex, which wasn't something I knew was possible. I had already been tested for coeliac three times by my GP and Alex suggested a further test and this again came back negative. However something was clearly very wrong and so he suggested I stop eating gluten and I have never looked back!

No more bloating, fuzzyhead, stomach pains, urgent toilet trips and feeling so tired that on many days I had to have a nap in the afternoon like an old lady!

What would you say to anyone considering joining Boost Your Body and would you recommend it? If so, why?

Having tried the nationwide gyms like DL and Virgin, I have spent a fortune and hardly went. Nobody would notice either way. However at BYB the classes are small and so if you don't turn up the trainer will contact you to ask why and make sure everything is ok. This meant that I changed my attitude to training so instead of thinking, I don't feel like doing this today, I had to go, so it was an appointment in the diary rather than a "maybe”.

I would say to definitely go for it.

There is a wealth of information available to members whether it's on nutrition, menopause, 'lady problems' (no it isn't normal to wee when you sneeze), exercises to help with mobility and strength and brilliant meal plans.