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Exercise is only half of the battle, what we eat is the other half - and just as important.

Over the course of our six-week Transformation Programme we will help you to establish three simple dietary habits that will help you to develop a fitter, toned, body that has stacks of energy.

By adopting these three dietary habits, alongside nutritional support and your weekly workouts you’ll be accelerating your fat loss to its optimal level.

If you have ever tried the latest diet fads or group weigh-in sessions, then you might be expecting an in-depth diet plan - a colour-coded lever-arch folder which tells you how many calories you should be eating, what you should be eating, at what time of day, or when there’s a full moon...

That’s diet information overload, and we don’t believe in it.

Losing body fat and gaining more energy is really simple, it might not be George Clooney sexy, but it works. But don’t be fooled either, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s the easiest path to get on and stay on.

Ultimately, we aim to get you to a point where you are eating well to lose body fat, achieving optimal health and maintaining your results so that all of this becomes second nature and not another chore to add to your every growing to-do list.

So don’t overthink things, don’t calorie count, dissect food groups or cut them out. You are investing in us, so trust us to deliver the new you.